Analytical Support

Therapeutic Solutions are also partners with a range of organisations and expert bodies working across alcohol service and understanding the effectiveness of alcohol interventions. We have undertaken statistical analysis and modelling of alcohol brief intervention data for the Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at Middlesex University, Centre for Public Innovation and for the Alcohol Health Network.

Epidemiological Analyses

Therapeutic Solutions has also undertaken a rapid assessment and analysis of the extent and nature of violent offending across Southend-on-Sea. The approach relied on a range of statistical analyses to understand patterns of violence and how it compares with other areas. The study compared the level of violence in Southend-on-Sea with other similar geographical areas as defined by the central Government. These other areas are based on similar attributes including size, density and population make-up. The analysis explained the differences in violence in relation to a basket of demographic and other related “markers”. The study identified two factors that explained the difference in Southend-on-Sea’s violence levels compared to other areas – the level of domestic abuse and area density.

New Psychoactive Substances

Recent work has included support for the development of the New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) toolkit for prisons. We provided logistical support for Dr George Ryan’s national training programme and supplied analysis of stakeholder views for Public Health England. The toolkit can be found here.

Previous Research and Evaluation Projects

We have also undertaken a number of projects looking specifically at the provision of alcohol treatment. For instance, we have evaluated Bedford and Central Bedfordshire’s Alcohol Arrest Referral (AAR) Scheme in 2012. An evaluation of the Community Alcohol Liaison Service (CALS) within the same location was also completed in 2013. This study focused on a process evaluation of how effectively CALS operated over primary care (e.g. GP surgeries) and acute settings (within specific hospital departments). We have also worked with Birmingham City Council to test the feasibility of diverting problematic alcohol drinkers away from Accident and Emergency Departments through a feasibility study of potential options (2008/2009).

Recovery Services

We have offered a range of services to support the development of recovery services across the substance misuse sector including a number of reports and academic peer-reviewed papers. We have a paper written in partnership with Birmingham University on influences to 12-Step mutual self-help groups published in the European Addiction Research in September 2014.

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Our Services

We have developed a range of analytical and methodological approaches aimed at understanding the health and substance misuse needs of individuals including extensive interviews with a cross-section of service users in contact with healthcare and other related services. We have also worked to develop methods aimed at understanding the nuances of prisoner satisfaction of clinical services received. Our paper testing use of SERVQUAL as a mechanism for understanding ‘real’ satisfaction rates has been published here.

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Studies and Assessments

We have undertaken over 50 health and substance misuse specific needs assessments since 2006. These have included studies across community settings and across the criminal justice system (including detainee needs in police custody; service users in contact with Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) and prisoners in contact with health services in secure settings).

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