Mental Health

Therapeutic Solutions (Addictions) Ltd were commissioned to provide an assessment on the extent and nature of current activity and service provision across London’s mental health crisis system, with a specific focus on Section 136 detentions under the 1983 Mental Health Act and the use of Emergency Departments for individuals in crisis. This supports the work of Health in Justice & Other Vulnerable Adults (HiJOVA), Strategic Clinical Network (SCN), and Healthy London Partnership’s (HLP) urgent and emergency care (U&EC) programme part of NHS England (London).

The study also aimed to understand how existing services have met this need across London and to help inform the future development of services. The study utilised a mixed methods approach, including a secondary analysis of management information held by three police forces with jurisdiction in London (Metropolitan Police Service, City of London Police and British Transport Police ); clinical data from mental health trusts and approved mental health professionals (AMHPs); and Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) from Emergency Departments. We utilised epidemiological modelling and geospatial mapping techniques to examine socio-demographic correlates related to the use of Section 136 legislation and levels of presentation at acute hospital settings. 254 qualitative interviews were undertaken with a range of professional stakeholders, including 58 people with direct or lived experiences of mental distress and their carers. The study was supplemented by shadowing of a police response unit shift in one area of London. Findings were presented to the Health London Partnership in 2017 and peer reviewed academic papers are planned for later this year and in 2018.

Recovery Services

We have offered a range of services to support the development of recovery services across the substance misuse sector including a number of reports and academic peer-reviewed papers. We have a paper written in partnership with Birmingham University on influences to 12-Step mutual self-help groups published in the European Addiction Research in September 2014.

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Our Services

We have developed a range of analytical and methodological approaches aimed at understanding the health and substance misuse needs of individuals including extensive interviews with a cross-section of service users in contact with healthcare and other related services. We have also worked to develop methods aimed at understanding the nuances of prisoner satisfaction of clinical services received. Our paper testing use of SERVQUAL as a mechanism for understanding ‘real’ satisfaction rates has been published here.

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Studies and Assessments

We have undertaken over 50 health and substance misuse specific needs assessments since 2006. These have included studies across community settings and across the criminal justice system (including detainee needs in police custody; service users in contact with Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) and prisoners in contact with health services in secure settings).

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